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Each age revises its conception of the past to fit the context of the present and imagine the future. Every age is an age of anxiety and subject to the humiliation of destabilizing change. People around the globe are experiencing the tug-of-war between the inertia implicit in things as they are and the energy inherent in things as they might become.

Voyages of the Merlin proposes to tie the past, present and future by a series of programs exploring the global waterways.

The pilot episode of the proposed series will introduce the cast, feature the building of the Merlin, and present general information on how our waterways were formed, how life evolved and is sustained around them, and the various ways human beings utilized them. The actual voyage will feature programming at the personal level. The crew of the Merlin will explore specific locations in terms of why people chose to build a community there and the importance of their community, past, present, and future. The programs will feature regional foods, amenities available for travelers, local music, local enterprise, and the local environment. Voyages of the Merlin will present this information in an interesting, informative, entertaining, non-judgmental manner, allowing the audience to choose their own interpretation.

Exploring, learning, and solving problems are great fun, so come join the Merlin as it travels the waterways of the world in search of adventure.

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